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You can buy plants many places, but one stop is all it will take to convince you why you should join our "family" of satisfied clients. Come see for yourself and compare the quality of our merchandise. We have the friendly professional staff to help with all your lawn and garden needs. 

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Come see for yourself and compare the quality of our merchandise.

We have the friendly professional staff to help with all your lawn and garden needs

You can buy plants many places, but one stop is all it will take to convince you why you should join our "family" of satisfied clients.

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Minimizing Waste Disposal; Grass Clippings

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Since refuse disposal costs have dramatically increased, and some landfills no longer accept grass clippings, many individuals and governmental agencies are seeking alternatives for disposal of clippings. During the maximum grass growing period, the municipal refuse load in some New Jersey suburban communities may contain nearly one-third grass clippings. Collected clippings become anaerobic rather quickly because of their high demand for oxygen. After becoming anaerobic they emit very unpleasant odors. Therefore, grass clippings (in quantity) are difficult to handle and to process.

From our own experience with the handling and disposal of grass clippings and discussions with others, such as lawn care professionals, we suggest considering the following methods to reduce landfilling:

RETURN TO LAWN - if possible

It is desirable to leave grass clippings uncollected on the lawn so that they are recycled, contributing to soil organic matter and supplying part of the fertilizer needs of the lawn. Adopt a mowing schedule to keep clippings short enough to filter through growing grass and not remain as a mat on top of the lawn.This usually requires mowing two times per week during the heavier growing periods.

Research and experience indicate that only 1/4 of the grass length should be removed during mowing. Never allow the lawn grass to double its height between mowings. This approach not only eliminates collection and disposal problems, but also can contribute to improvement of the lawn.

Clippings are a cause of thatch in lawns. Rather, thatch is formed primarily from a dense accumulation of grass roots and steamy material.


Grass clippings can be used as a garden mulch. To minimize any tendency to protect slugs, clippings should be dried in the sun for a day prior to being used in this way. Clippings can be spread on garden soil to check weed growth, reduce soil spattering, moderate soil temperatures, etc. As a precaution, do NOT use grass clippings from herbicide treated lawns until after two grass cuttings have been made.


Clippings can serve as a source of organic matter for soil improvement when incorporated into the garden.


Grass clippings can be composted, particularly when incorporated into a backyard leaf compost pile. However, grass has a high nitrogen content, a much higher demand for oxygen than leaves, and a tendency to mat, thereby greatly reducing the passage of oxygen. Composting piles containing grass clippings thus readily become anaerobic. This, in turn, can produce strong, unpleasant odors. These odors are particularly noticeable when the pile is disturbed.

Because of these problems, grass clippings should not be composted alone, but rather mixed with composting leaves. The partially decayed leaves which now (6-9 months after leaf fall) have a low demand for oxygen, will serve as a bulking agent permitting more oxygen to reach the grass. Grass, which is high in nitrogen, will provide a more rapid decomposition of the remaining leaves as long as it remains under aerobic conditions. Grass clippings will also contribute to a better end product (higher nitrogen content) than that obtained from composting leaves alone. One must be aware, however, that an excess of damp grass in the pile will soon become anaerobic, produce very unpleasant odors, and reduce the rate of decomposition. The objective is to keep the material aerobic.

The resulting compost can be used as a soil amendment, as a mulch for gardens, flower or shrub beds, or as a potting medium.


Some grass clippings can be incorporated into a municipal leaf composting operation. However, problems that may be experienced with backyard grass composting could be greatly magnified at a municipal facility. Even grass stored by lawn maintenance workers for 1 day or less in the back of a pick-up truck may emit very unpleasant odors when being unloaded. Research is continuing on this practice.


The amount of grass clippings can be reduced by avoiding excessive lawn fertilizing and watering. Neither should be reduced to the point where the lawn deteriorates. Using a fertilization program in which major emphasis in fertilizing the lawn is in the fall season rather than in the spring can be effective, not only in reducing the amount of clippings produced, but also in contributing to a better lawn. Assistance with these procedures may be obtained from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension office in your county. The telephone number appears under County Government in the directory.

Fertilizing and watering above the requirements of the grasses may be more detrimental than beneficial to the lawn. One of the effects is increased production of clippings. Judicious and proper use of fertilizer can provide an attractive lawn with a reduction in the costs, effort, susceptibility to disease, and amount of clippings produced.

Notice: The information contained on this web page is derived from industry sources which are considered reliable. Information is subject to change and withdrawal without notice; therefore, it is the responsibility of the consumer to verify reliability on an individual basis based on specific consumer needs. We assume no responsibility, and extend no guarantees for information provided. Trademarked names are used in an editorial context with no intent of trademark infringement.

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Now is a great time to Landscape and Plant while everything is on sale!

Now is a great time to Landscape and Plant while everything is on sale!

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Lots of unadvertised specials
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