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At Blackburn Nursery we have been helping to beautify Topeka and Northeast Kansas since 1936. We are known for our excellent quality trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, roses,annuals, ornamental grasses, and groundcover; however, another important service we offer is professional landscape design and site planning. Selecting a desired plant is only half the task, the other half is selecting the proper location for the plant. That is what a professional landscape designer is for.

What design services do we offer?

  • Our design team is made up of horticulturists with degrees including Mechanical Engineering, Horticulture and Business.

  • We offer state of the art computer aided drafting (CAD) as well as computer video imaging which allows a client to view a representation of a design applied to the home before it is installed.

  • We also offer on-site short consultations for smaller projects such as placement of a few new trees or shrubs in an existing landscape.

Why is a Professional Landscape Designer Important?

  • Landscaping is not just a pick and stick task any more.

  • A professional landscape designer adds the same value to a project as the traditional architect does, only on the home's exterior aspect.

  • Professional designers adhere to professional standards and assure quality control.

  • Proper site planning and analysis assure that all areas of a home, lawn and landscape are designed to work together to produce a harmonious uniform appearance to the entire site.

  • A proper landscape will showcase the the home (the largest investment made) and add value to the property.

  • Consultation with the designer before a project ensures that value is added to each project in a timely fashion and prevents possible homeowner dissatisfaction after the construction is completed.

  • Other site considerations a designer can address, include designing to minimize excessive heating or cooling, design of open areas to maximize scenic views, or provide recreational or quiet time areas.

  • The professional designer integrates areas of design to achieve a consistency of parts across a common theme. The result is a comprehensive, cohesive landscape design that can be combined with the architecture of the home or business to create a unified package, each area complementing the other.

  • A designer's knowledge of plants takes into consideration growth habits, size at various stages to maturity, common characteristics with other features in the landscape, and compatibility with the a design of the home itself.

Seasonal Reminders
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