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We have been installing underground lawn sprinkler systems since 1936 and can help you with all of your lawn and landscape watering needs. Lawn sprinkler systems come in all sizes, shapes and prices. The price of a lawn sprinkler system is dependent on the quality of materials and design features of the system. No purchase could apply to the old adage "You get what you pay for" more than that of a underground sprinkler system. High quality materials and professional design can cost more up front, but the crucial choices will produce dramatic savings in the long run in maintenance saving, but more importantly, water savings.

Some of the most important features of a lawn sprinkler system are listed below.

  • Professional design and layout. Insist on a scale drawing of your property, showing head and valve location clearly defining all the areas to be covered by the irrigation system. Make sure all pipe type and sizes are specified.
  • Triangular spacing in head layout. Though sometimes requiring a few extra heads, this type of head spacing allows for better, more efficient coverage due to the equal distance between all heads as they remain in "pattern."
  • Professional Installation. Ask for the qualifications of the installing staff and choose a company that has experiences capable installers. Will the contractor be able to service what they sell, and at what, cost. Will there be someone to answer the phone if help or service is needed.Will the pipe be "pulled" or trenched. Pulling the pipe will result in a neat, clean installation.
  • Separate lawn and shrub areas into separate zones. The water needs of plants and turf are dramatically different. Each individual micro-climate should be controlled separately if possible.Use Aquapore professional soaker hose for flexibility in landscape areas as well as water savings.
  • Insist on spray heads with brass nozzles unless space requirements allow for proper rotary head design placement. Spray heads with brass nozzles provide superior, efficient coverage and provide for little or no maintenance in the future. With dependable water distribution these heads are the best choice for maximizing water savings. If rotary heads can be used (mostly designed for larger, open areas where heads can be full circle), use a rotary that will be dependable and require less maintenance.
  • Avoid a system that requires a "blow out " for winterization. This is an expensive, time consuming process (not easily done by a home owner) that can limit the use of a system to only 6 month out of the year.
  • Ask for polyethylene piping. Poly pipe is a flexible pipe that will not freeze, is easy to repair, and in some cases comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty covering all parts and labor.While poly can have slightly less flow characteristics a properly designed system will provide peace of mind for many years.
  • Use a timer with multiple features such as multiple programs, multiple start times, rain/freeze sensor switches, percent adjustment, semi-automatic start buttons, battery backup and non volatile memory, and a manual watering mode.
  • Insist on quality brands like Weathermatic, Aquapore, or Champion. If rotary gear drive heads are used Orbit or Hunter may be used depending on the model.
  • Anyone can install a cheap system, but not everyone can install a high quality affordable system.

Call us today for information on a dependable, high quality, professionally designed and installed lawn sprinkler system. Our phone number is (785) 272-2707 for installation as well as our prompt, professional courteous repair service. We have repairmen and installers on staff with experience ranging from over 46 years to 10 or 20 years. We have degreed designers on staff to help design the perfect system for your lawn and landscape. Our professionals can help you choose the right product for your exact needs. Why trust your project to anyone else?

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